Sexy Lingerie Styles - A Comparison of Sensual Vs Functional Lingerie Fashion

By John Vargo  

How does one identify sexy lingerie from, say, common everyday lingerie? While many women find strength, confidence and a sense of identity by wearing sexy lingerie all the time, for the most part sexy intimates are reserved for special occasions where more revealing lingerie styles are desired. In another article, I provide a better understanding of sexy lingerie and how sensual intimates are different. The purpose of this article is to discuss and show specific styles of sexy lingerie.

Bras - Sexy Bra Styles vs. Purely Functional Everyday Women's Brassiere

Women's bra sales represent over 50% of all lingerie and intimate apparel sales. First and foremost the brassiere was designed as a functional garment to support the bust. Many innovations for more comfortable and improved support have been introduced over the years, for example, underwire (and non-underwire) support and textile advancements such as spandex and microfiber. In general, a functional everyday bra is comfortable and provides support with no frills, such as a full cup and full coverage bra.

Sexy bras on the other hand may provide support; however, function is not necessarily the first consideration when designing sexier bras. The shelf bra, for example, provides little support, however, is among the best selling of sexy bra styles. The push-up bra is another type of more sensual bra style because it lifts the breasts, creating the appearance of greater fullness and cleavage.

While shelf and open tip bras are at the far side of the more sexy range, a plethora of less risqué, yet nevertheless, sensual bra styles exist such as the plunge bra, cut much lower in the front to reveal more cleavage; the backless bra to reveal more of the back; and, the strapless bra to show more of the shoulders. In essence, sexy bras reveal more of the woman's bust, back and shoulders, whether with their design and cut or the fabrics of which they are made, such as sheer and see through materials.

Sexy Panties, Thongs and G-Strings vs. Women's Panties and Briefs

The term 'granny panties' refers to old, greyed non-attractive underwear your mother's mother would have worn. You know, the large, more than full coverage panty made of cotton in shades of beige and bare. Granny Panties serve the purpose of function only, which is to provide a lining between the body and clothing to prevent chafing of the body's more sensitive areas as well as minimize the soiling of clothes.

Sexy panties, on the other hand, provide similar benefits, however, are designed with greater flair, including bright colors, lace, sheer fabrics and other means of sensual adornment. While the panty and brief provide full back coverage for the more modest woman, thongs, French tangas and g-strings reveal more of the woman's buttocks, hips and front. Sales of sexier thong styles have far out-paced panty and brief sales over the past decade as younger generations feel more comfortable and confident in the minimal fabric and coverage provided by thongs and low rise thongs, such as those made by Hanky Panky, touted as "the world's most comfortable thong".

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Sexy Sleepwear vs. Traditional Sleepwear

The variety of sleepwear available to women is massive. In additional to traditional long cotton sleep shirts and gowns, women often choose the less alluring, however, comfortable men's t-shirt and boxers or shorts. Sexy sleepwear differs from other forms of evening wear in that it reveals more of the woman's body.

Sexier sleeping attire is designed with shorter hemlines, plunging necklines as well as slit sides and backless designs. Sheer, see through and fabrics that hug and cling provide greater allure by showing more of a woman's curves and features. Shorter and more revealing styles of negligees include the baby doll and chemise.

Bodystockings, Body Suits and Teddies

Many men and women find hosiery body suits and stockings to be extremely sexy, covering the woman from head to toe with sensual clinging fabric, often sheer or translucent to reveal all the beauty a woman has to offer. Sexier body stockings are made of sheer and fishnet fabrics as well as have an open crotch, thong back and/or open bust.

Teddies are a form of body suit that are both leg and sleeveless, covering just the torso. While some teddies do have sleeves for style and appeal, the majority of teddies do not. Like body stockings, teddies typically are designed with a thong back to reveal more of the buttocks and come in snap-closure and crotchless styles.

While there are many forms of sexy lingerie, the primary differentiator between sexier intimates and common every day lingerie styles is the amount of body that is exposed, whatever means may be used, including sheer and see through fabrics, stretch materials that hug and cling, and skimpier designs that are lower cut (or, for that matter, higher cut below the waist) and use less fabric.

Lingerie - Wear Your Sexy Lingerie To Work, School And The Clubs

By Lisa Gonzales  

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Lingerie is intimate apparel that is meant to be worn under a woman's clothing, or in the privacy of her bedroom. If you agree with this statement then please read on because lingerie is no longer just for the bedroom or under a skirt or blouse. It has historically been worn as a foundation that distorted a woman's form to conform to the style of the day. Corsets, waist cinchers, and similar garments were to make a woman's body appear to have a slender waist, hourglass figure, or the appearance of smaller breasts or whatever the style was of the day. Panties were worn for the sake of modesty, but primarily for sanitary purposes. After all, preventing one from soiling a garment was one of the primary purposes of underpants or panties. Through the 19th and early 20th century, lingerie was meant to be worn as an unmentionable, under the skirts or blouses of women, and certainly out of view of others.

Styles began to change in the early 20th century with the invention of the bra, such as it was, and women's needs also changed with more women entering the work force during the first and second world wars. Lingerie changed along with the women that wore bras, panties and hosiery. Fabrics were invented that allowed garments to stretch and give, with comfort being more and more important, and the idea of women with freakish waists became viewed as virtually ancient.

The women's movement and women's changing views of fashion in the late 1960's and early 1970's signaled a change that has led us to where we are today. Although very few women ever actually burned their bras, the movement encouraged women to reevaluate many of society's views concerning women, and fashion was no exception. A combination of changing values and fashion shifts among women, as well as the advent of modern fabrics and manufacturing techniques have given women the freedom to create today's sensual and often fashion trends.

In general lingerie has become more form fitting, softer, and arguably erotic. Panties have gone from full bottomed, cotton or natural fabric tent like garments often identified as "granny panties" to the skimpy, stretch thongs and g-strings women wear today. Corsets and bustiers in the past had boning, often made of whale bone, to maintain the integrity of the garment that was primarily used as a girdle or figure contorting device. The objective then was to create garments that confined, while today the objective is stretch to fit, body hugging, garments that are extremely comfortable to wear.

Just as lingerie, fashion and women have evolved, so has the acceptance of wearing lingerie as outerwear. Let us begin with bustiers and corsets. While corsets are still purchased by brides to be to be and worn under a wedding dress, many corsets today are colorful, made of stretch spandex and are made to be seen. Many are strapless, are easy to take on and off and look very sexy under a blazer or alone with a skirt or jeans. This early garment has made it into the work place as well as the red carpet as it is a versatile lingerie item that isn't just for the bedroom. The movie Moulin Rouge is just one example of actresses on the big screen leading a fashion trend that has lead to an acceptance of women wearing lingerie outside of the boudoir, and as outerwear.

The camisole is another garment that does double or triple duty. It is in many women's wardrobes as a fashionable piece that is worn under a sweater, or with a lace bra and under a jacket or all alone. The camisole is part of the emergence of form fitting clothing that is comfortable and worn by body conscious women to the delight of men. There is a blurring of lines with former items competing with traditional outerwear for women's attention and expendable income.

The ever present, functional bra is now worn as outerwear. Like a lot of fashion trends we may never see elderly women wearing their Playtex bra peeking out of their low cut blouse, while millions of younger women have seen the trend as worthy of following. The practice of wearing a bra, preferably lace or sheer under a snug fitting top, generally in a contrasting color is widely accepted. Wearing a bra under a sheer blouse, beneath a button down jacket or all alone is no longer unusual. In the past a woman would never consider wearing a bra where her bra straps were showing, or heaven forbid the entire bra. The idea of revealing a woman's bra was taboo only 20 years ago. Today, women wear their lace or sheer bras as a fashion accessory.

Next are the wildly popular items known as thongs and g-string panties. While panties are not designed or sold to be worn outside a woman's garments, the low rise jeans are more revealing than ever. Women's fashions are trending to slimmer, more body conscious styles, thus previously unseen lingerie is visible.

Stockings or thigh high hosiery is another item that can proudly announce that it has been let out of the closet. Women today wear skirts with thigh highs that are deliberately exposed. The practice of showing ones thigh high stockings is common with women wearing costumes, and other leg exposing clothing. The truth is that pantyhose are not as popular as they once were. Thigh highs, on the other hand are gaining in popularity due to the changes in fashion we are discussing.

It should come as no surprise that lingerie, previously regarded as unmentionables, should emerge as outerwear. Women have demanded more figure flattering, colorful garments and lingerie manufacturers have responded. With more body conscious styles, perhaps it was inevitable that the sexy underwear would peak out of women's blouses, jackets and jeans. To some it is kind of naughty, while to others simply a means of self expression. Women's fashion has always been the subject of ridicule, fascination and criticism. The jean wearing women of the sixties ushered in a 40 year ongoing love affair with denim. While the bra burning feminists of the sixties and seventies did not have a lasting effect on women wearing bras, the emergence of women in the work place and equal rights have led to some unforeseen consequences.

Women wear and don't wear what they please. Fashion is no longer dictated by the first lady or by runways in fashion capitols. That is not to say that the influence of the runways of Milan, New York and Paris are not important, in many ways. Young women are creating fashion on the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Miami and another fashion explosion may be around the corner with the release of another rock video, or a movie release with young women in the lead.

Lingerie worn as outerwear is not a passing trend. The evolution of women's underwear or lingerie has been trending towards skimpier; more body hugging and less is more for many years. Women have embraced wearing beautiful and exciting clothing regardless of what it is called, and wearing it out of the bedroom was inevitable and a welcome addition to the fashion landscape.

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